Interstellar Overdrive: Tycho Takes to the Sky – and Forecasts the Weather November 11, 1572: A bright blast explodes in the evening sky over Denmark, illuminating the autumn darkness and catching the attention of alchemist and astronomer Tycho Brahe. Ten years into his ambitious quest to map the celestial firmament with only a compass, a… Continue reading Tycho

Tycho Forecasts Future Weather

After the Grammy-nominated electronic instrumental group Tycho released its last album, Epoch, in 2016, its composer, songwriter and producer Scott Hansen speculated on the band’s future recordings. “I felt like there’s so many little moments in Epoch that it set the stage,” he told S&S last year. “Like, ’Oh, maybe the next thing’s going to… Continue reading Tycho Forecasts Future Weather

Thievery Corporation

November 18, 2016 - New York, NY Portrait shoot with Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza and Eric Hilton credit Jen Maler

Treasure Chest: Thievery Corporation Open Up a World of Love Rob Garza can’t recall ever seeing a fight break out in the audience during a Thievery Corporation performance. On the other hand, their shows have been the setting for onstage marriage proposals, and in fact near the end of the group’s October 2017 concert at… Continue reading Thievery Corporation

The Radio Dept

Clinging to a Dream (Musical and Social): The Radio Dept. Make Their New Album Good, But Not Too Good For those who question whether something as trivial as pop music can carry a political impact, consider the Radio Dept.’s cunningly catchy new track “Swedish Guns.” Johan Duncanson never raises his voice, crooning gently over a… Continue reading The Radio Dept

Washed Out

Guilt-Free Escapism: Washed Out’s Happy Delusions While the currents have significantly calmed, it was only a few years ago that the chillwave genre seemed to be perpetually cresting. A focal point of that movement was Ernest Greene and his wistful sample-based electro-pop project Washed Out. The movement’s already been declared kaput by some bloggers, while… Continue reading Washed Out