Tycho Forecasts Future Weather

After the Grammy-nominated electronic instrumental group Tycho released its last album, Epoch, in 2016, its composer, songwriter and producer Scott Hansen speculated on the band’s future recordings. “I felt like there’s so many little moments in Epoch that it set the stage,” he told S&S last year. “Like, ’Oh, maybe the next thing’s going to be rock, or maybe the next thing is going to be more electronic, or maybe it’s going to be darker.’ There are so many ways we can go with it.”

Epoch concluded not only Tycho’s tenure with the Ghostly International imprint, but the final installment of an album trilogy that began in 2011 with Dive and continued with Awake in 2014. On July 12 we’ll find out exactly which way the band went when they regale us with their long-awaited fifth album, Weather (Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune). Its cover art features a photograph, not a design created by Hansen, a longtime graphic artist who in his own words, “learned creativity through the lens of visual art.”

Weather marks the first time since Dive that Tycho has worked vocals into its transfixing mix of the acoustic and the electronic. The voice belongs to Hannah Cottrell, the enigmatic singer who performs under the name Saint Sinner, and she’ll join Tycho as their first touring vocalist when they embark on yet another burgeoning live itinerary. There’s no Atlanta date booked, because of course there isn’t. Your next best option? Put Weather on, press ”play,” and listen to the pretty colors