Nude Party at Midnight Manor, and You’re Invited!

Cheer up, young buckaroo, things aren’t all bad – New West Records is putting out The Nude Party’s sophomore album on October 2nd! The 12-song Midnight Manor was recorded live-to-tape by the band in upstate New York, and will be available on digital, CD and an assortment of vinyl varieties, including a signed orange marble edition via Rough Trade mail-order that comes with an exclusive 7-inch single. Whee!

If The Nude Party’s debut album from 2018, not to mention their amazing live shows, perked up the ears of a lot of folks who’d perhaps anticipated a jokier vibe given the band’s name and history, the first advance track from Midnight Manor, “Shine Your Light,” offers further proof of their ample fullness, packed with an striking grasp of pop songwriting and classic rock dynamics – put a few strings on this baby and it could easily be mistaken for a lost ELO single! If you think you recognize the afro’ed beau in the beginning of the video, that’s because it’s current Black Lips drummer (and Nude Party friend and producer) Oakley Munson.

Photo by Bryan Derballa.