Sadler Vaden Wants to Get Next to You

Sadler Vaden first came to our attention with his Charleston, South Carolina power trio Leslie. Later on, his guitar prowess played a big role in revitalizing Drivin’ N Cryin’ in the first few years of this decade. Since then he’s been a key member of Jason Isbell’s 400 Unit.

He also released a damn good self-titled solo album in 2016. And from the sound of it, the forthcoming follow-up Anybody Out There? is even better. The advance single, “Next to You,” is a bustling gust of shameless ’70s-style rock that feels like Tom Petty ridin’ the Grand Funk Railroad into Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

“It’s a little autobiographical,” Vaden told Billboard about the song. “It’s really how I was feeling being on the road so much and how I was feeling for my life and the loneliness factor that kicks in. When you sign up to do this and want to dedicate your whole life to it, you don’t think about when there’s another person involved and how that’s going to affect them. It’s a constant dance of doing your best as a partner to keep your relationship in good health.”

Anybody Out There? is scheduled to be released March 6 via Dirty Mag Records/Thirty Tigers. Tour dates for Vaden should be announced soon. There’s no reason to believe he’ll overlook Atlanta.

Photo by Bridgette Aikens.