Witch Taint Ain’t for the Faint, Bitch

From deep within the putrid bowels of Gary, Indiana comes Witch Taint, without question the vilest, darkest, most extreme Norwegian black metal band from Indiana ever. Proof can be found in the goat’s-blood-encrusted grooves of their debut album, Sons of Midwestern Darkness, out now on Tee Pee Records. The core duo of Lance the King… Continue reading Witch Taint Ain’t for the Faint, Bitch

Dasher – Dear Humans

It stings a bit to see Dasher billed as a Bloomington, Indiana band – after all, the band’s productive life was spent in the Atlanta scene, down to drummer/leader Kylee Kimbrough’s tenure as a Star Bar employee. Dasher’s sole studio album – the excellent Sodium – was recorded here as well, sitting on the shelf… Continue reading Dasher – Dear Humans

Dasher Calls It Quits

Turns out Dasher’s July 21st homecoming show at 529 was also the band’s last. Three days later, drummer/vocalist/ringleader Kylee Kimbrough succinctly announced on social media “Dasher is over.” Onetime Atlanta fixture Kimbrough moved back to Indiana in 2015 to be closer to family and assembled a new lineup but it’s the ATL trio that recorded… Continue reading Dasher Calls It Quits


No Power/Raw Power: Dasher’s Kylee Kimbrough Changes Towns, Bands, Album Titles… But Holds Onto Her Intensity I somehow missed Dasher during their two-year run as Atlanta’s most incendiary live band. My first encounter with Kylee Kimbrough’s punk outfit came at last December’s Stomp and Stammer anniversary party, marking their first local performance in two years.… Continue reading Dasher

The Vulgar Boatmen – You and Your Sister

The Vulgar Boatmen’s story is so unique it’s surprising they never got more traction. The product of an alliance between a jobbing Indiana musician (Dale Lawrence) and a University of Florida film professor (Robert Ray), the duo teamed with a passel of rotating sidemen to release three solid LPs. But since Ray had no appetite… Continue reading The Vulgar Boatmen – You and Your Sister