Dasher Calls It Quits

Turns out Dasher’s July 21st homecoming show at 529 was also the band’s last. Three days later, drummer/vocalist/ringleader Kylee Kimbrough succinctly announced on social media “Dasher is over.” Onetime Atlanta fixture Kimbrough moved back to Indiana in 2015 to be closer to family and assembled a new lineup but it’s the ATL trio that recorded Sodium, Dasher’s behemoth of an LP that finally saw the light of day last summer on Jagjaguwar.

“Touring is toxic for me,” Kimbrough explained by email this week. A July 2017 Stomp and Stammer feature detailed Kylee’s struggles with a long misdiagnosed case of Autism Spectrum Disorder that’s incompatible with the chaos of life on the road.

As for the future? “I’m going to be a tattoo artist now. I think it sounds dreamy to sleep in the same bed every night,” she told me. The band also recorded the farewell set – which may become the final record, “if it doesn’t sound too horrendous.”