Witch Taint Ain’t for the Faint, Bitch

From deep within the putrid bowels of Gary, Indiana comes Witch Taint, without question the vilest, darkest, most extreme Norwegian black metal band from Indiana ever. Proof can be found in the goat’s-blood-encrusted grooves of their debut album, Sons of Midwestern Darkness, out now on Tee Pee Records.

The core duo of Lance the King of Black Metal and Mattias Backwards is joined on the anthemic 12-song album by members of Venom, Carpathian Forest and Autopsy, as well as Lance’s dog Lucifuge. There are wild rumors floating around alluding to the involvement of two unknown comedians named Dave Hill and Phil Costello, though these seem to be preposterous at best. Whenever touring becomes a thing again, the live membership includes guitarist Tom Beaujour (producer, Revolver magazine co-founder), bassist Dean Rispler (The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, remember them?) soprano opera singer Jennifer Valle and drummer Dave Richman (the Original Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Band), and if that doesn’t sound like the blackest of black metal lineups, then buddy, you’re probably still listening to Slipknot!

Because we hate you but we still feel pity for you, here’s Witch Taint’s video for the gnarly Sons of Midwestern Darkness track “Death to Death Metal.”