The Gun Club, Part 4 (Mark Lanegan Interview)

Mark Lanegan Gun Club Fan; Friend and Collaborator with Jeffrey Lee Pierce “I would talk about Jeffrey 24 hours a day,” Mark Lanegan confessed to me during a phone conversation some twenty-odd years ago. “And I still do.” Such is but one example of the colossal impact Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club made,… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 4 (Mark Lanegan Interview)

The Gun Club, Part 1 (Introduction)

Up Jumped the Devil: The Gun Club’s Fire Smolders On Their sound struck like a whip’s tail smacking flesh, leaving stinging welts and stripes of blood. It was the sound of violent upheaval on both a grand and inner scale. The sound of lost American spirits, long believed dead and irrelevant, rising in an unforeseen… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 1 (Introduction)

Sing Backwards and Weep

Sing Backwards and Weep By Mark Lanegan [Hatchette Books] “What happened to you that made you so sad?” This is the burning question that 7 Year Bitch’s Selene Vigil asked of the Screaming Trees’ Mark Lanegan during a fleeting, pensive moment of rapprochement during a truncated liaison amourese. This Lanegan guy, he had (and very… Continue reading Sing Backwards and Weep

Mark Lanegan

Old Man Makes Music (And Writes a Memoir): Mark Lanegan Tells His Own Story Rock ‘n’ roll history is rife with stories of addiction and debauchery. But even after being so desensitized to these tales of excess and woe by now, the ones that Mark Lanegan recounts are still startling – and startlingly honest. He… Continue reading Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan Documents His Life in New Book, Album

Mark Lanegan affirms that every song on his forthcoming album Straight Songs of Sorrow (currently slated to come out May 8) references a specific episode or person in his memoir Sing Backwards and Weep, which is currently scheduled to arrive in bookstores ten days earlier, on April 28 via Da Capo Press. “Writing the book,… Continue reading Mark Lanegan Documents His Life in New Book, Album

Mark Lanegan Band Releases Gargoyle April 28

The Mark Lanegan Band has nailed down April 28 as the release day for its next LP, Gargoyle. The album, which comes to us courtesy of the Heavenly Recordings imprint, once again aligns Lanegan with Afghan Whig Greg Dulli, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and guitarist Duke Garwood, who performed on his… Continue reading Mark Lanegan Band Releases Gargoyle April 28

Lindsay Fuller

Her, Lindsay Fuller: How a Seattle Recluse Broke out of Home and Americana Start by assuming Lindsay Fuller is smarter than her surroundings. Her official bio, for example, is pretty melodramatic for a gal who grew up in a wealthy suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The new You, Anniversary, we’re told, is Lindsay making “her peace… Continue reading Lindsay Fuller