Various Artists – 3×4

3x4 Album Cover

The careers of the bands at the heart of the Paisley Underground found very different trajectories soon after the Los Angeles movement’s early 1980s heyday. Rain Parade quickly splintered, spawning a bevy of solid projects (Opal, Mazzy Star, Viva Saturn) while The Bangles became multi-platinum icons. The Dream Syndicate made its own lunge at the… Continue reading Various Artists – 3×4

Speaking of the Paisley Underground…

The core of LA’s Paisley Underground movement always boiled down to the trippy Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate, and the poppier, more radio-ready Bangles (pictured) and Three O’Clock (I’d also toss Green on Red in there, but whatever….) Those four bands have conspired to hatch one of the more inspired tribute concepts in recent years.… Continue reading Speaking of the Paisley Underground…

The Long Ryders Strap In for Another Trip

LA’s Long Ryders, who were playing rootsy Americana before it had a name, will release their first album of new material in over 30 years on February 15. Psychedelic Country Soul is the title, and a pretty apt description to boot – although despite the band’s Paisley Underground affiliations, its 1980s incarnation typically favored the… Continue reading The Long Ryders Strap In for Another Trip

Steve Wynn’s Rhino Albums Redux

Steve Wynn’s first two solo albums, recorded and originally released in the early 1990s by Rhino Records’ short-lived R.N.A. division, are being reissued in expanded editions on April 27th, courtesy of the discerning musicologists at Omnivore Recordings. 1990’s Kerosene Man firmly established Wynn as a solo artist more than able to equal and expand beyond… Continue reading Steve Wynn’s Rhino Albums Redux

Matthew Sweet

Tomorrow Forever Knows: The Future Comes to Pass for Matthew Sweet Matthew Sweet started out making music in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. Moving to Athens for college, he fell in with the vibrant music scene there, playing with Oh-OK and The Buzz of Delight. After scoring a record deal with Columbia (and then with… Continue reading Matthew Sweet

Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes, Hawthorne, California. 16 October 2015.

Long Time, No See: Emitt Rhodes Pulls Back the Curtain In the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, the “great and powerful” title character is revealed to be a mere mortal. And while for some viewers the takeaway of that revelation is that he’s a fraud, another point of view holds that he – like… Continue reading Emitt Rhodes

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Under the Covers Vol. 3

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs – aka “Sid ‘n’ Susie,” as the booklet cover gently advises – pull off quite a hat-trick on the third installment of their Under the Covers series. We’ll get to that in a moment. Where 2006’s delightful first volume tackled ’60s covers from the likes of Beatles, Fairports, Velvets and… Continue reading Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – Under the Covers Vol. 3