Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

A dinosaur wrangler (John Schneider) and a gullible former park employee (Lindsay Lohan) return to the wrecked Jurassic World amusement empire because they aren’t smart enough to listen to a wise character actor who was probably paid millions for just one day on the set. They’re joined by a computer nerd (Sammy Petrillo) and a quirky veterinarian… Continue reading Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Quick

Mondo Retro: Danny Benair Reflects on The Quick’s Hot ‘n’ Bothered Bubbleglam Power-Pop “There’s something exciting about failure as well as success,” says Danny Benair, and that’s a classic rock axiom for fans of the obscure. It’s also a fortunate thing for the former drummer of The Quick, since he’s back as the band’s unofficial… Continue reading The Quick

Don’t All Thank Me At Once

Don’t All Thank Me At Once: The Lost Pop Genius of Scott Miller By Brett Milano [125 Books] “Scott Warren Miller, unsung master songwriter, chose to end his life on April 15, 2013.” That’s the first line of Brett Milano’s labor-of-love biography of Game Theory/Loud Family frontman Scott Miller. It’s some groundbreaking journalism, too. Until… Continue reading Don’t All Thank Me At Once

Lindsay Fuller

Her, Lindsay Fuller: How a Seattle Recluse Broke out of Home and Americana Start by assuming Lindsay Fuller is smarter than her surroundings. Her official bio, for example, is pretty melodramatic for a gal who grew up in a wealthy suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The new You, Anniversary, we’re told, is Lindsay making “her peace… Continue reading Lindsay Fuller

Bebe Buell

MILF of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bebe Buell Has Something Worth Discovering “I’m not offended,” says Bebe Buell, and that’s a relief. It isn’t often that you have to inform someone that everybody’s amazed she made one of the best albums of 2011. Hard Love is also a big triumph for the Bebe Buell Band and… Continue reading Bebe Buell

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Before there was Rachel Dolezal, there was Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes. Specifically, the Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes who came to New York City to win over a white audience by sounding like Hillary Clinton trying to win over a black crowd by shrieking how she “don’t feel no ways tired.” That… Continue reading Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Game Theory – Blaze of Glory

Scott Miller spent the ‘80s creating brilliant college rock with Game Theory, and then he spent the ‘90s creating brilliant college rock with The Loud Family, and then he went into the new millennium being forced to use the Loud Family name for a shared 2006 pop project with Anton Barbeau before compiling some brilliant… Continue reading Game Theory – Blaze of Glory

The Bongos – Phantom Train

As he tells the story, Richard Barone first met RuPaul around 1985 in New York City. The lead singer for The Bongos had already been told about RuPaul – who, back then, was a young man rollerskating around in a mohawk. In fact, a writer at Rolling Stone had told Barone that RuPaul should cover… Continue reading The Bongos – Phantom Train

The Paley Brothers – The Complete Recordings

The Paley Brothers The Complete Recordings [Real Gone Music] Nobody believed Joey Ramone when he was declaring that he was the lead singer for a bubblegum pop act. That was mostly because of more traditional Teen Dreams trying to redeem the sound back in ’77. Rick Springfield made an important contribution with Wait For Night,… Continue reading The Paley Brothers – The Complete Recordings

Dan Sartain – Too Tough to Live

Thirteen tracks in 19 minutes. Dan Sartain obviously doesn’t see a future where he draws a crowd by playing a classic album in its entirety. He should, however, expect modern audiences to buy into his spirited take on punk. Never mind that the few people who’ve heard of Sartain already think he’s a punk act.… Continue reading Dan Sartain – Too Tough to Live

Primitons – Don’t Go Away: Collected Works

A restaurant in Buckhead used to have graffiti complaining that the guys in Primitons said they didn’t have influences. Whoever wrote that had a point. The Birmingham, Alabama group had plenty of obvious influences. They released their 7-track debut on the Throbbing Lobster label in 1985, so their Byrdsian jangle could just as easily have been… Continue reading Primitons – Don’t Go Away: Collected Works

Duncan Sheik – Covers 80s

It’s understandable that people want to rehabilitate new-wave music. Imagine what it was like to hear “I Ran” sounding kind of cool in a gay bar, only to get home and turn on MTV at 4 a.m. to see what A Flock of Seagulls actually looked like. That disappointment was usually matched with a suspicion… Continue reading Duncan Sheik – Covers 80s

Poison – Double Dose: Ultimate Hits

It is certainly a crime against music that the New York Dolls are opening for Poison and Mötley Crüe this month at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood. The opening band for Poison should be The Ramones. Too bad that most of them are dead. All the members of Poison are still with us, though, and they’re… Continue reading Poison – Double Dose: Ultimate Hits

Hot Chocolate – Box Selection

Hot Chocolate scored three proper hit singles in America. There was the throbbing goth-pop tragedy of “Emma” in 1973, followed by the lite disco of 1975’s “You Sexy Thing,” and then a late rally with 1978’s synthy/funky “Every 1’s A Winner.” The disco hit would become the band’s cash cow as a feel-good movie anthem.… Continue reading Hot Chocolate – Box Selection

The Posies – Blood/Candy

The Posies Blood/Candy [Rykodisc] The last time I interviewed Ken Stringfellow – he being half of The Posies – he was about to tour behind a solo album while leaving his newborn child with a nanny on an island off the coast of France. Coincidentally, my unattended one-year-old had rolled off the bed that same… Continue reading The Posies – Blood/Candy

Dan Sartain

That’s Not Dan Sartain’s Ego Talking: The Lurching Life of the UK’s Favorite Humble Southern Rocker Dan Sartain is ready to do an interview – but, first, he has to sanitize the telephone. “Everybody in this house has pneumonia,” he explains from his parents’ home in Montgomery, Alabama. “I’m talking to you with a t-shirt… Continue reading Dan Sartain