Jon Langford – Skull Orchard Revisited

Rock is full of performers with fine-art and multimedia pretensions, but few possess the original vision, or the work ethic, to build a substantial body of extra-musical output. One guy who’s got the vision thing and the work-ethic thing nailed down is Mekons/Waco Brothers stalwart Jon Langford, whose prolific efforts as a visual artist and… Continue reading Jon Langford – Skull Orchard Revisited

Nick Lowe – Labour of Lust

Nick Lowe’s current resurgence as a sadder-but-wiser grown-up troubadour has finally put an end to the persistent wiseguy-pop-satirist image that’s followed him since his emergence as a solo artist in the late ’70s. But Yep Roc’s reissue of Lowe’s 1979 sophomore solo effort Labour of Lust offers a handy reminder that the seminal English auteur… Continue reading Nick Lowe – Labour of Lust