Tyler Perry Keeps Crankin’ ‘Em Out

The indefatigable Tyler Perry is starting work on two new series and the return of House of Payne after a seven-year semi-absence – “semi,” because the original cast returned for the spinoff series The Paynes, which ran on OWN for one season in 2018. This third iteration brings back the original title and by all accounts will act as a continuation of The Paynes, but instead will air on the BET+ subscription streaming service. Also coming to BET+ is Assisted Living, a sitcom that will shoot at Perry’s Atlanta studio facility in January and February. Finally, Young Dylan is a comedy series Perry is developing for Nickelodeon, starring Dylan Gilmer, a 10-year-old rapper from Annapolis, Maryland who’s been featured regularly on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Written by Perry, the show concerns a family whose world goes goofy when their aspiring hip-hopper nephew (Young Dylan) moves in unannounced.