Climax is the latest cinematic masterpiece from Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void, Irreversible). The film is based on actual events and has a fairly straightforward premise. We meet a French dance troupe through their audition tapes, then see them next in an amazing single-shot dance sequence at a rehearsal in an old, dingy building. After practice wraps up, they relax and enjoy snacks and sangria while they gossip about each other and enjoy the DJ’s choices for the after-party. Then, the acid kicks in. It quickly becomes clear that someone has spiked the sangria with a massive dose of LSD. And nearly everyone has been drinking it, including the young child of the troupe leader. Things go really bad, really fast. All of the bits of conversation that we picked up in the party scenes start to play out in the most exaggerated, unfortunate way possible. And it’s fucking fantastic. I love films that make me uncomfortable, and the more uncomfortable, the better. Climax ranks a 9 out of 10 in this category. This film succeeds as both the most successful LSD scare film ever and my favorite depiction of hell on film. No one does nightmares like Gaspar Noé. The dancers are amazing. Only one, Sophia Boutella (Atomic Blonde), has any real acting background, but they give amazing performances throughout. The soundtrack includes great tracks by Gary Numan, Soft Cell, Aphex Twin, Patrick Hernandez and many others. If you are a fan of transgressive films, get your ass to a cinema near you to see this on the big screen.