The House of Tomorrow

Engineer, inventor and rebellious architect Buckminster Fuller by way of The Vandals and Stiv Bators. When his grandmother Josephine Prendergast (Ellen Burstyn) suffers a stroke, her well-spoken, idyllic grandson Sebastian (Asa Butterfield), who has been raised in a geodesic dome, comes to depend on the family of Alan Whitcomb (Nick Offerman), a local churchgoer whose aggressive daughter Meredith (Maude Apatow – yes, Judd’s kid) and hellion son Jared (Alex Wolff) are struggling to contend with their teen years. Immediately Jared convinces Sebastian to steal a bass guitar from the church and the seed is planted for them to form a punk band called The Rash! “I want to play at fuckin’ CBGB’s but this isn’t 1985” declares Jared, so Sebastian applies his Buckminster-rebellion and does the next best thing! A coming of punk story that pulls in varied influences from The Damned to Black Flag as kids nurture a new relevance from old concepts.