Trevor Jackson;Jason Mitchell


Youngblood Priest (Trevor Jackson), a young cocaine dealer in Atlanta (making Atlanta look just wonderful, thanks) (actually, it’s quite realistic… well, in some parts), realizes it’s time to quit the drug pushing game so he puts it all on the line for one last score while double-crossing his mentor, Scatter (Michael Kenneth Williams), by heading to Mexico to meet with the cartel that produces the drugs he sells. Some may want to go see this remake just because the NAACP commended it – I know I did – but you may just want to pass. Unlike the remake of Shaft (2000), SuperFly does not properly pay respects to its original source material – it lacks any real point, it has no soul. An African-American movie with no soul? Well, that’s just shit. The original Super Fly (1972) was driven by the now legendary tunes of Curtis Mayfield, but the remake is nothing more than what should have been a made-for-television-movie on BET directed by a rap video director (Director X) who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Big Boi from OutKast plays the mayor of Atlanta, which could actually one day happen in real life, knowing how the politics of Atlanta work and the stupidity of the average American voter. Hey, he couldn’t be any worse than current Atlanta mayor, Keisha Lance “Black Girl Magic” Bottoms. Atlanta’s airport is literally ground zero sometimes.