The Happytime Murders

The kind of stupid/silly movie that trolls stupid/silly folks to the point of making them go absolutely insane/nanners. How anyone can become so enraged over this movie is beyond me. It’s not great by any means, in fact it’s very mediocre and not that funny, but stacked up to most of what’s come out this summer, if you put up against The Meg for instance, it’s pure gold. I guess anytime you take things that are generally thought of as mainly “children’s genres,” and make them “raunchy” or give them “adult content,” they turn instantly “taboo.” The same thing happened to South Park some 20 years ago. When the puppet cast of a 1990s children’s TV show begins to get murdered one-by-one, a disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private-eye puppet takes on the case. It stars the very popular Melissa McCarthy, one of the most unfunny and overrated actresses around, and she sucks in this one too. She’s just so very dreadful. Luckily Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale, and a cast of puppets directed by Brian Henson (the very talented son of Jim Henson) show up to make things exponentially better and funnier. Don’t believe the over-hyped negative reviews, this is at least somewhat interesting and different.