The Kitchen

As a big fan of DC Comic’s Vertigo imprint and especially the short eight-part comic book series The Kitchen, I was extremely excited to see a live-action theatrical release of the story. While movie makes sense as a standalone entity (it’s not great, but it’s not that bad), if you had read the original comics… Continue reading The Kitchen

Thunder Force Rumbling Toward Atlanta

Is there any film genre Melissa McCarthy can’t flog for weak comedy fodder? Next on the list is “superhero movie,” in the form of Thunder Force, a Netflix feature starring McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, written and directed by Ben Falcone, aka Mr. McCarthy. With Atlanta production beginning in September and running through December, it’ll be… Continue reading Thunder Force Rumbling Toward Atlanta

Love, Gilda

An affectionate account of Gilda Radner’s all-too-brief life, it doesn’t add significantly to what we already knew, but hearing her reflect on professional accomplishments and personal insecurities (via audio largely taken from her reading her posthumously published memoir It’s Always Something) as archival footage, photos and clips emphasize her comedic gifts and adorable personality, well… Continue reading Love, Gilda

The Happytime Murders

The kind of stupid/silly movie that trolls stupid/silly folks to the point of making them go absolutely insane/nanners. How anyone can become so enraged over this movie is beyond me. It’s not great by any means, in fact it’s very mediocre and not that funny, but stacked up to most of what’s come out this… Continue reading The Happytime Murders

McCarthy, Falcone Back South with Super-Intelligence

Comedy power-couple Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone must really enjoy summers in Atlanta. After making the recently released Life of the Party and a good chunk of 2016’s The Boss here, they’ve indicated that a return visit is in order, specifically this July to shoot their latest collaboration called Super-Intelligence. McCarthy will star in the… Continue reading McCarthy, Falcone Back South with Super-Intelligence


It’s a remake, not a reboot or sequel, and I was impressed that it’s as much of a tribute to the time period of the first movie as it is – it mentions Jaws and Patrick Swayze, and Dan Ackroyd as a cabbie gets to quote the original song’s lyrics! In fact, all of the original… Continue reading Ghostbusters

Central Intelligence

This seldom-funny Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson buddy movie about former classmates with opposite profiles finds them reuniting twenty years later on the eve of their high school reunion. Ben (Johnson) was once the fat kid humiliated at a pep rally; Calvin (Hart) was the only person to stick up for him – and what… Continue reading Central Intelligence