And Here They Are…Again…Wire Return

Post-punk legends (and Stomp and Stammer favorites) Wire will dialyze their kidney bingos once more on January 24 when the foursome releases Mind Hive on its own pinkflag label. It’s risky to draw many conclusions from a single track by this crew, but advance single “Cactused” finds Colin Newman and company in fine late ’80s melodic form.

Perhaps more importantly, Wire will be returning to Atlanta on March 7 at the Variety Playhouse. In related news, the band is participating in a documentary, WIRE: People in a Film, which met its crowdfunding goal this summer and is tentatively slated for late 2020 release. And yes, departed guitarist Bruce Gilbert features in the film as well.

Mind Hive is reportedly Wire’s seventeenth studio album, although the group’s catalog is so circuitous the count is open to debate. Total geeks might note that Gilbert used to DJ under the name the Beekeeper, which seems suspiciously connected to hives, but we wouldn’t know anything about that…

Photo by Fergus Kelly.