Redd Kross Holds the Door Open

When Redd Kross convened to record the fantastic Researching the Blues in 2012 (their first in 15 years), it was with the same lineup that made their beloved Neurotica album in 1987.

Seven years of heavy duty touring action later, they’re back with a follow-up. But while brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald are still the core of the group, guitarist Robert Hecker and drummer Roy McDonald dropped out along the way. So Beyond the Door will mark current guitarist Jason Shapiro (Celebrity Skin) and drummer Dale Crover’s (Melvins) recorded debut with the group.

Beyond the Door (out August 23 on Merge) is inspired by the band’s “total commitment to having to best fucking time we can have while we’re all still here,” and that doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all. Buzz Osborne (Melvins) and Anna Waronker (That Dog) are among friends contributing various sounds to the platter.

Best of all, they’re hittin’ the road hard. Now,  you may’ve heard that they had to cancel their Southern swing originally scheduled for July, including their July 25 date at the EARL, due to a back injury Crover sustained earlier this year. That’s a bummer, but wipe those tears from your pretty face, ‘cuz they’re still coming to Athens October 18 with Melvins at the 40 Watt. In other words, The Party is coming to you. Don’t be a dumbass and miss it.

Photo by Julian Fort.