Serrabulho Raises a New Crop of Ruckus

Portuguese farmers Serrabulho have just released their third album of insane party death metal/happy grindcore, titled Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy), courtesy of Rotten Roll Rex. Actually, I suspect the bit about them being farmers might be a silly fib on their part, although many of the vocals and noises on Porntugal do indeed sound like rabid/sick pigs and other deeply distraught farm animals.

Amidst the battering of guitars, bass, drums and samples, some rather curious/exotic instruments can occasionally be heard: bagpipe, rabel, tarota (a Catalan wind instrument), adufe (a Portuguese square drum), scallop shells, Galician tambourine, Brazilian caixa and a barking chihuahua.

Suffice to say, the whole thing is a disorienting headfuck, a super-strange, incomprehensible jumble of metal, theater and comedy, and yet another sign of the end times. We’d love to see this crazy shit live, but they seem to only tour Europe; in fact I can’t find any indication they’ve ever played North America. Hmmm… maybe they can headline our next anniversary show…