Suzi Quatro Gets Out of Control

You already knew Suzi Quatro was cool, but did you know that, although her heyday may have been in the mid-to-late ’70s, she’s never stopped recording or putting out records? Well, hey, now you do. In fact, she has a new album called No Control due to be released March 29 via Steamhammer Records.

The majority of the 11 songs were written with her son from her first marriage, Richard Tuckey. “This was our first attempt at writing and recording together,” explains Quatro, now 68. “Through this unusually beautiful English summer of 2018, we sat outside, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, iPad recording app, and lots of paper, throwing ideas back and forth.”

She’s got loads of tour dates scheduled throughout 2019 in Australia, England, Germany, Denmark and other European countries, but alas, nothing in the U.S., where she’s only performed a handful of times since the early ’80s. Curse you, Officer Kirk!