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Swearin’ Return, With One Expletive Deleted

After a final wave of DIY touring in 2013 – the memory of their sweaty summer show at WonderRoot still brings a smile to my face – Swearin’ put their no-frills punk rock juggernaut on ice. Allison Crutchfield – the lower profile of Birmingham’s Crutchfield twins – moved into a supporting role in sister Katie’s band Waxahatchee, and in 2017 took her solo bow with the poppier Tourist in this Town.

Fortunately there was still gas in the tank, as Swearin’ are back. Following some early summer reunion shows with Superchunk, the band returns in earnest with Fall Into the Sun on new home Merge Records October 5.  And based on advance single “Grow Into a Ghost,” Crutchfield and co-leader Kyle Gilbride retain the spark – and the hint of country twang – that made their first two albums special.

Current band photos portray a trio – bassist Keith Spencer has departed – but they’ll be touring as a quartet this fall, with an Atlanta date set for Dec. 12 at 529.

Photo by Alexander Rotondo.