A Discussion Worth Listening To

Guitarist/vocalist Laura Pleasants’ post-Kylesa concern The Discussion is out with a brand new 7-inch capturing their shadowy, subterranean post-punk. Original A-side “Deathtripper” is a spellbinding swirl ‘round a throbbing bog bubbling over with equal parts shoegaze and dream-pop. The B-side’s cover of The Cure’s “A Forest” underscores it all for slow learners. With Pleasants on guitars, bass, synths and drum programming, accompanied only by Kevin Brewer on drums and (on “A Forest”) Kevin Rose on additional guitar and Moog synth, it’s a distinct, goth-leaning departure from Kylesa’s hard, knotty psych-rock and, in many ways, closer to a solo endeavor.

Also recently released by The Discussion is Movement Towards a New Beginning, a remastered, limited-edition vinyl pressing (or digital download) of their 2017 European tour EP, originally issued on a CD that’s long sold out. The five songs captivatingly convey the Savannah-based group’s approach with a bit more of a straightforward psychedelic rock edge than heard on the newer 7-inch. Both records are exceedingly recommended and can be sampled and ordered from The Discussion’s Bandcamp page.