Pins Spin Again on Hot Slick

Prepare to be treated to a fresh poke in the earhole from Pins. The Manchester post-punk group – now a trio following the departure of their original rhythm section – will unveil their third album, Hot Slick, on May 29th.

Based on the samples released so far – the official first single and video “Hot Slick” and the audio tracks “Ponytail,” “After Hours,” “Bad Girls Forever” and “Ghosting” – singer/guitarist Faith Vern, guitarist Lois MacDonald and bassist Kyoko Swan are indulging their electronic/glamdance habits in full force this go ’round, for what promises to be a fun, sassy batch of new wave plasti-pop. Several of the songs have been popping up in the band’s live setlists for years now. Nathan Saoudi from Fat White Family plays keyboards on selected tracks and Jamie Hince of The Kills lent a hand to the production of the the new LP.

Hot Slick will be available digitally, on CD and vinyl, including a limited-edition version in their favorite bold color of the moment: orange.

Photo by Debbie Ellis.