Dead Register Come Alive on New EP

Dead Register make a mighty racket that commands a realm somewhere between boomy goth-rock and doomy sludge. The Atlanta trio conjures an avalanche of imposing commotion from somewhat unconventional instrumentation: thundering drums (R. Garcia), atmospheric distorted keyboards (Avril Che) and crushing bass guitar (M. Chvasta) that’s lower than a Martian crater bed and amped up… Continue reading Dead Register Come Alive on New EP

The Gun Club, Part 3 (Patricia Morrison Interview)

Patricia Morrison Gun Club Bass Guitarist, June 1982 – December 1984 Though she only recorded their third studio album, The Las Vegas Story, with the band, Patricia Morrison will forever be associated with The Gun Club, as much if not more for the female yang and gothic visual impact she brought to the band as… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 3 (Patricia Morrison Interview)

And Also The Trees’ Early Growth Unearthed

Originally out in 1984, Savannah’s ace indie Graveface Records will reissue the self-titled debut album from British post-punk/goth group And Also the Trees as part of the Record Store Day “first drop” retail event on Aug. 29. Lol Tolhurst of The Cure produced that one, but the two groups’ mutual respect didn’t start there, as… Continue reading And Also The Trees’ Early Growth Unearthed

Hip Your Ears to Hip to Death

Despite the handicap of having one of the worst names in the Atlanta music scene, Hip to Death are capable of crunching out some enormously formidable sunglasses-at-night post-punk. Their new album, TMI America (CD, LP and digital via their Die Indy label), is a potent crush of throbbing, ominous bass jabs, oppressive drums and swarms… Continue reading Hip Your Ears to Hip to Death

Vincas Spew Plasma on Phantasma

Thoughtful as ever, Athens foursome Vincas went and blurted out some more songs about blood and death just in time for our damnable summer of urban riots and societal decay. Released last month, the band’s third album Phantasma wallows in a festering stew of bad vibes, doomed lives, rotten spirits and polluted plasma. Musically, there’s… Continue reading Vincas Spew Plasma on Phantasma

A Discussion Worth Listening To

Guitarist/vocalist Laura Pleasants’ post-Kylesa concern The Discussion is out with a brand new 7-inch capturing their shadowy, subterranean post-punk. Original A-side “Deathtripper” is a spellbinding swirl ‘round a throbbing bog bubbling over with equal parts shoegaze and dream-pop. The B-side’s cover of The Cure’s “A Forest” underscores it all for slow learners. With Pleasants on… Continue reading A Discussion Worth Listening To

Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Musical clown Skippy Spiral, the alter ego of Savannah outsider Nick Ganas, has been delighting and/or freaking out that town’s populace with his peculiar performance art for many years, along with conducting creepy ghost tours and making wacko short films with Dame Darcy. Prior to landing in that coastal Georgia town, he’d played keyboards and… Continue reading Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Clan of Xymox

Zymotic Reactions: A Man, a Plan, a Clan of Xymox “To be honest, without me there is no band – it was and is my project from day one,” says Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox, the groundbreaking darkwave/goth/electronica band that he has led since he first formed it in The Netherlands in 1981. “The… Continue reading Clan of Xymox

This is Not Berlin

Seen as a rite of passage in a culture that demands conformity, two friends, Carlos (Xabiani Ponce de Leon) and Gera (Jose Antonio Toledano), set their sights above high rivalries and their anticipation of World Cup soccer, aiming instead for the hedonic pursuits of Mexico’s clandestine nightlife at the various clubs and bars in director… Continue reading This is Not Berlin

The Lords of the New Church – The Lords of the New Church (Special Edition)

Gee whiz, they’ll re-release anything nowadays, won’t they? But I must confess: I owned the original album, in fact I happily purchased all three of the Lords of the New Church’s albums and the 12-inch of their cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” with Stiv spread-eagle in a white dress and black fishnets on the… Continue reading The Lords of the New Church – The Lords of the New Church (Special Edition)

The Cult – Choice of Weapon

The Cult are one of those bands that’s just never done it for me. Sure, I enjoy songs like “She Sells Sanctuary” and “Fire Woman” whenever I hear them, and I recognize that the band has done some solid songwriting and created some of hard rock’s most enduring numbers. But I guess there are two… Continue reading The Cult – Choice of Weapon

The Dagons – Upon the Dull Earth

The Dagons (their name rhymes with “pagans”) are a goth-punk duo who get their goth from H.P. Lovecraft and pluck their punk from The Flat Duo Jets. Upon the Dull Earth is their fifth album of cleverly crafted creepshow soundscapes and, like its predecessors, comes laden with enough distortion to rattle all the bats from… Continue reading The Dagons – Upon the Dull Earth