TWINS: Dancing With Itself

Outside looking in, Matt Weiner seems like a jack-of-all-trades for the sort of electronic music he plays, produces, and promotes. Just as punk musician, distro owner, and record label boss Josh Feigert spreads the good news about his corner of Atlanta music far and wide, Weiner champions a separate yet sometimes overlapping collective of creative types.

On top of the various roles he plays, including co-owning DKA Records, Weiner finds time for solo project TWINS (That Which is Not Said). He’s got a new album, also called That Which is Not Said, slated for a May 4th release on 2MR.

The album captures Weiner tinkering with different dance- and trance-inducing industrial sounds through electronic instrumentation. At least I reckon that’s how to put it. I mostly just get three-minute pop songs. Fortunately, “Open Up” in particular resembles the dancier side of post-punk just enough to sound welcomingly familiar.

If you dig this kind of thing, you probably know about Weiner already through Pyramid Club and other projects. If not, at least give “Open Up” a fair shake.

Photo by Waithira Gatei.