Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Musical clown Skippy Spiral, the alter ego of Savannah outsider Nick Ganas, has been delighting and/or freaking out that town’s populace with his peculiar performance art for many years, along with conducting creepy ghost tours and making wacko short films with Dame Darcy. Prior to landing in that coastal Georgia town, he’d played keyboards and… Continue reading Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Starcrawler – Devour You

We open to the convoluted chatterings of classroom nuisance. Building, it seeps into “Lizzy,” the opening track. The first lick immediately showcases the new abilities acquired during the interim between last year’s self-titled debut and this. With a crash and wail, lead singer and frontwoman Arrow de Wilde screeches the line “I think I’m falling… Continue reading Starcrawler – Devour You

Andedyr Get Into the Animal Spirit

Andedyr is the synth and electrified tuba project of Colin Bragg and Bill Pritchard of the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra. Per a message from Bragg, they’re a musique concrete/industrial duo that gets compared to Nurse With Wound (high praise, I’m certain). To an uneducated set of ears, it’s a weird record, filled with unnerving ebbs… Continue reading Andedyr Get Into the Animal Spirit

Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Bad Witch is the horribly titled ninth studio album, and third “EP-length” release in the last two years, by Trent Reznor’s project, Nine Inch Nails, who in case you may have forgotten about is essentially a pretty generic (at least at times) American industrial rock outfit that uses experimental elements occasionally. NIN/Reznor have always been… Continue reading Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch

Nitzer Ebb Vinyl Box Heralds Return

I learn something new every time I write some of these blurbs. For instance, I didn’t realize until just now that there was a genre of music called “electronic body music,” and that that’s what all that rigid, industrial wompin’ and bompin’ on those old Nitzer Ebb records was called. Wait – is that what… Continue reading Nitzer Ebb Vinyl Box Heralds Return

TWINS: Dancing With Itself

Outside looking in, Matt Weiner seems like a jack-of-all-trades for the sort of electronic music he plays, produces, and promotes. Just as punk musician, distro owner, and record label boss Josh Feigert spreads the good news about his corner of Atlanta music far and wide, Weiner champions a separate yet sometimes overlapping collective of creative types. On… Continue reading TWINS: Dancing With Itself

Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Ministry were the first North American band to popularize Industrial music and imagery, albeit a dumbed down version that metal-headbangers could easily digest. But they were a decade late and many brain cells too short to make an impact as profound as the genre’s European originators. Maybe it was the cultural climate that bred American… Continue reading Ministry – AmeriKKKant

Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down

Marilyn Manson returns with his 10th studio album, and it sounds exactly how you think it would sound: like background music at a Spencer’s Gifts or a Hot Topic at your local mall. Well, there’s more to it than that really. That last record he made was actually not bad, but this record is even… Continue reading Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down

Gary Numan

Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars? Gary Numan’s Gettin’ All Hot and Bothered When Gary Numan worked his way into the collective public consciousness in 1979 with his worldwide smash single “Cars,” he presented an icy, detached, robotic and ever dour persona. The real Gary Numan is nothing at all like that image: he’s funny,… Continue reading Gary Numan

Art Sex Music

Art Sex Music By Cosey Fanni Tutti [Faber & Faber] Throbbing Gristle is/was definitely one of those problem bands – or should I say it was a “problematic musical collective”? I mean, what is/was Throbbing Gristle, exactly? The moniker Throbbing Gristle describes, well, the penis in its turgid state. And, as is explained ad infinitum… Continue reading Art Sex Music

Killing Joke – Pylon

The lifespan of a longstanding, influential band can be an odd trajectory. This is especially true for Killing Joke, the act that more or less set the template for what would become commercial industrial rock in the 1990s. So I suppose that “commercial industrial rock” requires a bit of explanation, right? Such generic hair-splitting is… Continue reading Killing Joke – Pylon

FeMale Fou – Sucker Mule’s Dreadful Murder

As Fe<Male Fou, Italian guitarist/noise artist/composer Filomena Rubino traffics in sonic textures that once would have been classified as industrial music – back when “industrial music” was more akin to musiq concrete; the sound of assembly lines, colliding freight trains and/or the shifting of tectonic plates. So don’t be misled by my classification of Fe<Male… Continue reading FeMale Fou – Sucker Mule’s Dreadful Murder

Savage Republic – Procession: An Aural History 1981-2010

Savage Republic is the rare band whose art school pretensions were additive to the overall package, rather than an annoying distraction from the music. Emerging from Los Angeles’ heady late ’70s experimental music scene, the group took the DIY aesthetic to new extremes. Despite its unique sound, the constantly changing collective is perhaps best remembered… Continue reading Savage Republic – Procession: An Aural History 1981-2010