Billy Pilgrim’s Third Album Re-Released

In the midst of the shitty spring and summer of 2020, marked by death, disease, violence, anger and despair, the one ray of light I know so many of you have been holding onto was your hope, however faint, for a Billy Pilgrim reunion.

Well, your distraught pleas have been heard, as onetime Eddie’s Attic mainstays Andrew Hyra and Kristian Bush have returned, as a unit, to oversee the wide release of what was recorded two decades ago to be their third studio album, In the Time Machine. Following a fire at Nickel and Dime Studio in late 2000, one copy escaped harm, and from it 500 CDs were pressed and sold at a 2001 show at Eddie’s. After that, aside from a performance at Eddie’s four years ago the bros went their separate ways – Kristian with Sugarland and Andrew with… whatever he did – but in the downtime imposed by the Wu-Tang Flu shutdowns Bush found the lone master copy while cleaning out his home. (Remember how we all cleaned out our homes that one week in April?)

So now In the Time Machine, all 12 songs’ worth, are being re-released as a digital download Sept. 4, as well as a limited edition double vinyl edition that is available for pre-ordering now via Billy Pilgrim’s Bandcamp page. There are hints of further activity, too, as a press release for Time Machine insinuates: “…over the next few months they have a few more tricks up their sleeves to be revealed.”

2020, you keep topping yourself.

Photo by Michael McLaughlin.