Trent Rice Scribbles More Than Prescriptions

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Trent Rice doesn’t need to write deep, enigmatic songs to prove he’s brilliant. After all, the guy’s a veteran obstetrician/gynecologist. Yet fortunately for us, he scribbles more than prescriptions based on his observations and expertise.

Despite its title, Rice’s new album Thoughts Adventures Country Songs doesn’t explore the commercialization of Southern and Western folkways. Instead, it’s a mix of anthemic indie rock (advance single “Don’t Be a Square,” in particular, slays) and acoustic-driven folk songs (“Just For You [A Western For Me]” and the title track). Another standout track, “An American War,” checks off both boxes and sounds more like a galloping, tradition-bound cut by an upstart Americana artist. Each come from the pen of an honest, well-rounded lyricist and performer.

The album will be available digitally beginning March 29. A vinyl pressing debuts at Rice’s April 19 release show at Eddie’s Attic, featuring support by Mermaid Motor Lounge.