Biters Hang Up Their Jackets

The Biters deserve so much credit for building a global reputation over the past nine years. Tours with everyone from Ace Frehley to Buckcherry and a pair of truly outstanding albums, not to mention those essential early EPs, earned due praise from what’s left of the rock ‘n’ roll audience.

The band recently announced an indefinite hiatus, but that doesn’t mean its members will go away quietly. Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Tuk Smith has already teased a forthcoming solo album. The drive that carried the Biters this far should fast-start his next move. Plus, he’s always busy as a producer and songwriter, so who knows what other developments will pop up in 2019 and beyond. Every Atlanta band not featuring Pietro DiGennaro behind the drum kit must be tempted to give Joey O’Brien a call, and out-of-towners Matt Gabs and Ricky Dover won’t have trouble landing on their feet in Baltimore and Nashville, respectively.

As for this idea that certain local outlets overlooked them, the Biters outgrew being an “Atlanta band” a long time ago. Not to bite a hand that used to feed, but sharing print space with the best Taco Tuesday deals inside the perimeter wouldn’t have exactly gotten them a deal with Earache any sooner.

Photo by Cristel Brouwer.