Clint Lowery Goes Renegade

Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery recorded four solo EPs under the name Hello Demons…Meet Skeletons between 2008 and 2013, so referring to his forthcoming album God Bless the Renegades as his “solo debut” is a bit misleading. It is, however, his first recording under his own name. Out Jan. 31 on Rise Records, musically it strays little from the bleak, shouty, assless metal barrage he’s known for, but lyrically it generally embraces the positive.

“I wanted to give thanks and praise to the people who step away from the ‘sheep’ mentality,” Lowery says of the album’s title track. “The forward-thinkers and dreamers who create real change and evolution – the ones who don’t fear being different.”

In other news, Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose (who was also a member of Clint’s one-off group Call Me No One back in 2012) joined the band onstage for their acoustic show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens on December 28, his first live appearance since undergoing surgery for an undisclosed reason earlier in December, which led to Sevendust cancelling a string of UK shows opening for Alter Bridge and Shinedown. Instead, Clint himself will go on tour with Alter Bridge (and Deepfall) next month, although Nashville and Huntsville are the closest they’re getting to Atlanta.