HyperSpace Spaz Out with Their Blasters Out

With Dragon Con scrapped for this year, along with every other fun event, how are pop culture nerds supposed to get their dork on? You could do far worse than pogoing into the wormhole that is Emulator, the latest CD from eternal Atlanta gamers HyperSpace. Amid a succinct, forceful thrust of chocolate frosted sugar bomb pop-punk a la Fountains of Wayne, Nerf Herder, NOFX and Green Day, they sing of Yoda, Princess Leia and Rogue One, except when they’re singing about girls. Sometimes their dual obsessions cross paths, as their ode to the ultimate geek girlfriend, “D&D,” manages to reference Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Pokémon and Harry Potter in the brisk span of two minutes 44 seconds.

They’re good enough and sharp enough that sci-fi/fantasy cosplayers and pop-punk moshpitters alike will both find plenty to appreciate here. At the very least, it’s way more fun than the dismal acts Dragon Con sticks in its late-night ballrooms year after year.