Air-Sea Dolphin Splits Sides with Sloshy

The latest 7-inch to come from Chunklet Industries’ partnership with Indianapolis’ Third Uncle Records pairs Robert Schneider’s Air-Sea Dolphin (pictured) with another band with ties to the Homestar Runner universe.

Air-Sea Dolphin’s side teams perennial sharp-dresser Schneider (The Apples in Stereo) with the Brothers Chaps (Homestar Runner creators Matt and Mike Chapman). They make a mix of catchy, lo-fi pop and video game music that blends the imaginations and interests of right-side-of-the-brain thinkers (Schneider came to Atlanta to work on a Ph. D. in math, after all). “Bells (Song For Geoff W)” is a sunshiney pop-sicle for your summer enjoyment, while “ASD Theme” offers a sampling of their video game-inspired tunes.

The flipside brings us Sloshy, an indie rock “joke band” from Homestar Runner. “B-est of B-sides” and “American Football Championship” lampoon past indie rock trends and tropes. To properly mock something, you need to know it well. These both sound like cases of tearing something down in jest as a sign of appreciation – even that something can be predictable and a little pompous.

The record comes out Saturday, June 2 as part of Henry and Sarah Owings’ latest Stand Up Stand Off event. It’s all part of 529’s 10th anniversary celebration.