Release of Third Album, Back Catalog Gives The Glands Their Due

The notoriety of The Glands, the Athens-based art-rock outfit commandeered by lovable curmudgeon Ross Shapiro, seems to have only grown since the group was effectively terminated upon Shapiro’s death in March 2016, while their two albums (1996’s somewhat scattershot Double Thriller and 2000’s justly acclaimed tour de force The Glands) have become increasingly difficult to procure.

New West Records rectifies that situation on Nov. 9 when it reissues both of those titles on CD and vinyl, and ices the cake with Double Coda, a triumphant third album of 23 previously unreleased songs culled from Ross’ hard drives and fully fleshed-out demo recordings by producer David Barbe and surviving band members Derek Almstead and Joe Rowe.

All three albums will be available individually and also as part of a 5-LP vinyl box set titled I Can See My House From Here, which will include a 52-page book featuring unpublished photos, an essay by writer Stephen Deusner and testimonials from a gaggle of famous fans such as James Mercer (The Shins), Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo), Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), David Cross (asswipe comedian) and many more.

Photo by Sean Dungen.