Rujen: Here, There and Elsewhere

Five-piece psychedelic band Rujen cut its teeth by playing around Atlanta over the past two years. Gigs in that span included a chance in August to open for Willie Nelson’s son Micah, who puts on a great show as Particle Kid. Next time Rujen lands an enviable opening spot, the band will be promoting new four-song EP Elsewhere.

The psychedelic yet smooth “NY” sounds a little like the guitar pedal poetry from Deerhunter’s last few albums, while “Deep End” adds a scuzzy edge to easy listening jazz. Opening song “Luna” falls somewhere in between the former and the latter with its breezy pop vibe.

Best of all, the title track’s a nearly eight-minute journey through Rujen’s musical trajectory. Think of it as a Rosetta Stone for unraveling the influences at play across all four songs.

In all, the EP captures the experimental ebb and relaxing flow of a young band to watch. Conveniently, you can watch them this Sunday night at The EARL, in the middle slot between fellow Atlantans New Tree and Illinois threesome Sunshrine.

Photo by Colin Murphy.