Sequoyah Murray Begins the Begin

New Thrill Jockey recording artist Sequoyah Murray is a musical weirdo in the best possible way, earning the multi-instrumentalist comparisons to Arthur Russell and a chance to work with avant-electronic producer James Ginzburg (Emptyset). For a potent taste of his immense imagination and musical masterworks, check out debut album Before You Begin, out Sept. 13.

Standout tracks include “Sunflower (I Love You More),” a showcase for the Atlanta native’s soulful baritone voice that’s backed by a blend of white noise and freeform jazz. “Let’s Take the Time” immediately follows with its easier to digest classical and electronic accompaniment. Think of the latter as what Adrian Sherwood might’ve created 40 years ago, given the benefit of today’s hip-hop and electronic production technologies and techniques.

No matter your tastes or reference points, there’s something (harmonies, beats, flourishes of baroque beauty, etc.) to pique your interest in Murray’s musical multi-verse.

Murray plays an album release show on Friday, Sept. 20 at Food Court (The Mammal Gallery’s current space at 680 Murphy Ave SW) with Taves and dj jsport.

Photo by Amber Felix.