The Titos Make Tracks in Everchanging Atlanta

The Titos – probably a reference to band member Alex Lotito’s name, not handmade vodka – concoct the self-described “suburban soul” music heard on their first full-length album, out this month.

Opening track “Whoever You Are” introduces The Titos as more than just capable garage-soul musicians. The song deconstructs urban gentrification by considering the constant changes that rid Atlanta of its uniqueness and history. Even if the city kept, say, historic music sites instead of cutting sweetheart deals with Margaritaville, lines about being stuck on traffic on I-20 and driving the suicide lane on DeKalb Ave. would give anyone who’s lived there the chills.

Other highlights include the gorgeously melodic “Waves,” the majestically soulful “Give It All Up” and horn-accompanied instrumental showcase “Can’t Let It Go.”

If the traffic report in “Whoever You Are” doesn’t scare you away from East Atlanta, there’s an album release show at 529 on Nov. 1 with supporting acts Boregard, Moloq and Juli.