Brother Hawk Gets in Big Trouble

Atlanta’s Brother Hawk gets labeled as a Southern rock band, but from the sound of things, they’d just as well get compared to Dinosaur Jr. than Lynyrd Skynyrd. For a small sampling of the band’s musical trek down a red clay road less traveled, check out the four-song EP Big Trouble Sessions, recorded live in Atlanta… Continue reading Brother Hawk Gets in Big Trouble

William DuVall Goes It Alone

William “Kip” DuVall has a long history within Atlanta’s music landscape and far beyond. Most of us oldsters likely first bore witness to his talents at the Metroplex or 688 on one of the many nights his hardcore band Neon Christ (with DuVall on guitar) blasted cracks in the walls. Speaking of blasting, he next… Continue reading William DuVall Goes It Alone

Starbenders: Big in Japan

Starbenders seem more like a modeling agency than a band, but their polished alt-rock and candy-pop songs have found a fanbase in Japan, so much so that the Atlanta quartet’s recent videos are geared specifically for the Japanese market, and they’re undertaking their second headlining tour of the country beginning April 25. So it shouldn’t… Continue reading Starbenders: Big in Japan

Bl’ast – Blood!

The late 1980s was an odd time for Santa Cruz, California based Bl’ast! The band was playing an evolved variant of hardcore while the bulk of the other bands that had started out as hardcore were moving on to either speed metal or college rock. To further complicate matters, Bl’ast!’s second album, It’s In My… Continue reading Bl’ast – Blood!