Josie Cotton

Queen “B” Josie Cotton Goes to the Drive-In “My whole life I’ve been fixated on science-fiction,” announces singer Josie Cotton, speaking by phone from her home in Silver Lake, California. It’s an unexpected admission from a pop singer best known for reviving the sweet sound of ‘60s girl groups on her 1982 Elektra LP Convertible… Continue reading Josie Cotton

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Before James Dean or Wolverine, Godzilla was the original antihero of film. In 1954, with atomic testing in full swing, a monster craze was birthed by the Honda-Tsuburaya team at Toho films, a Japanese studio which envisioned a world out of balance where giant dinosaurs carried out an ancient battle on city-destroying rampages. Inspired by the… Continue reading Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla Sequel to Break In Blackhall Studios

Blackhall Studios (at one point announced as Valhalla Studios, before Valhalla Entertainment, producers of The Walking Dead, put the kibosh on that), a new metro Atlanta motion picture production facility, is opening this month. The space, in a former paint and wallcovering warehouse on Constitution Road in southwest DeKalb County, includes a 40,000 square foot… Continue reading Godzilla Sequel to Break In Blackhall Studios


There is but one given in any Godzilla movie, and that is: the monster is the star, and the people are victims. In this 2014 version, Godzilla provides the money shot, but the people are inconsequential. Besides the original Japanese Gojira from 1954, this one is by far my favorite because instead of the expected… Continue reading Godzilla