Dead Register Come Alive on New EP

Dead Register make a mighty racket that commands a realm somewhere between boomy goth-rock and doomy sludge. The Atlanta trio conjures an avalanche of imposing commotion from somewhat unconventional instrumentation: thundering drums (R. Garcia), atmospheric distorted keyboards (Avril Che) and crushing bass guitar (M. Chvasta) that’s lower than a Martian crater bed and amped up to full metal jagged levels. Chvasta bellows bombastic lead vocals like an undead drama major, the whole combined monstrosity piling upon itself for a purposely oppressive and foreboding din.

In advance of the group’s upcoming album, they recently released an EP consisting of new song “Don’t Fail Me,” along with a remix of same by Oakland industrial duo Lament Cityscape and three songs recorded at a particularly intimate autumn 2019 show at the Freetown Boom Boom Room in the doom metal hotbed of Lafayette, Louisiana.