Fahrenheit 11/9

While I’ve never agreed 100% with Michael Moore on much, I can wholeheartedly say that I have enjoyed some of his movies, and I’m especially fond of his short-lived television series, The Awful Truth. Moore always seemed to have this gentle, humorous, man-of-the-people quality about him. However, as time moved forward, he became increasingly cantankerous, bitter, resentful, and less humorous than he was before. He became unhinged over time. He forgot how to tell stories, stage his once poignant gimmicks, and how to just be funny. Everything is about being enraged with him now. He has no dynamic anymore. Everything is predictable, so very one dimensional. Fahrenheit 11/9, a sequel of sorts (kind of?) to Fahrenheit 9/11, plays out like an unfocused, delusional diatribe of a madman/old man yelling at a cloud. The off-the-reservation left-wing crowd that trolls just about anyone online and says shit like “okay, Alex Jones” to anyone that disagrees with them are the same folks giving this meandering conspiracy theory garbage doc a 10/10 on IMDb. The connect-the-dots on Pee-wee’s Playhouse made more logical sense than the dots Moore tries to connect in this film. He’s finally lost his mind. And if Moore really gave a shit about the US “war machine/police state” he would have made a film when Obama bombed seven countries without congressional approval and ramped the surveillance state domestically in our country. He didn’t!