Sinful Slate of Lifetime Movies Filming in Hiram

Author Victoria Christopher Murray (pictured) has, thus far, written four novels in a series of books inspired by the “seven deadly sins.” The first three of these – Envy, Lust and Greed – are being made into movies for the Lifetime network, with production taking place at ATL Film Studios in Hiram. Work on Envy – which follows a struggling woman’s devious attempts to usurp her wealthy half-sister’s life and belongings – was completed by mid-November, starring Serayah (Empire), Rose Rollins (The L Word, ABC’s The Catch), Gregory Alan Williams (Greenleaf, Chicago Med), Kandi Burrus and DJ Young Fly. Lust – about a prudish woman sexually tempted by her fiancé’s hot best friend who just served seven years for dealing drugs – is currently filming, with singers Keri Hilson and Tank starring alongside Tobias Truvillion (Empire) and Perri Camper (American Soul). It would stand to reason that Greed will likely be the next to shoot. Meanwhile, Wrath, the fourth novel in Murray’s soap opera-ish series, will be published on January 5th, and is apparently in line to be adapted for a Lifetime flick too. No word yet on whether Murray’s yet-to-be-written remaining three sins will also be made into Lifetime movies, but the network is a fan of the capital vices, having made the four-hour teens-gone-bad miniseries Seven Deadly Sins in 2010, based on Robin Wasserman’s own series of seven books.