Pokémon Detective Pikachu

While it will not make some pretentious “greatest of all time” film list or win any major awards or whatever, Pokémon Detective Pikachu is without a doubt quite entertaining. Not only will the super-nerdy drooling Pokémon fans be marking out for every little hidden reference, but the casual movie-goers that know nothing to very little about the Pokémon Universe at all, they’ll easily grasp the movie as well. It’s a popcorn movie that’s quite focused, accessible, and easy to understand, but it isn’t just your standard kiddie-fare, adults will enjoy the more subtle humor (there’s plenty of over-the-top humor) and armored plot-line. Of course Ryan Reynolds (stretching zero acting muscle, basically doing a PG version of his Deadpool character) is the main attraction and is why this feature works in the first place. Without Reynolds, the whole production would fall apart – the entire movie centers around his star power and his sardonic/sarcastic comic timing/brilliance, even though we all know exactly what we’re getting into/what will happen with his portrayal of the Pikachu character (the trailers basically gave that away), it somehow works!