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Everything Has Changed for Best Coast

Always Tomorrow, Best Coast’s fourth album and first since 2015’s California Nights, is described by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Bethany Cosentino as “the story of a second chance.”

Says Cosentino, “After we finished the album cycle for California Nights, something terrifying happened to me. I felt creatively paralyzed. I couldn’t write music. There was so much bubbling inside of me, so many things happening, so much to process, but I couldn’t get any of it out. I was miserable and felt like nothing was ever going to change. One day, I locked myself in my closet and I forced myself to write, and out came ‘Everything Has Changed.’ The song was like a vision of life I wished I was living; ultimately, that song was prophetic – describing the life I would soon be living. Always Tomorrow is the story of where I was and where I am now, as well as the struggles I am still learning to identify and figure out. Some days I wake up and I feel like I’m on top of the world and I forget about everything that’s ever bummed me out, and other days, it all comes flooding back. This album is about leaving the darkness for the light, but still understanding that nothing is ever going to be perfect. It’s about burning it all down and starting from scratch even when the idea of that is fucking terrifying. Closing one chapter and moving on to the next even when you have no idea what is on the other side. Acceptance. It’s about taking a gigantic leap of faith.”

Both of the songs released from Always Tomorrow so far – the breezy pop confession “For the First Time” and crunchier “Everything Has Changed” – are testaments to newfound sobriety and settling down. In the former, Cosentino admits that she “used to think that taking care of myself would just become a real bore,” but as she declares in the latter, “I like it this way.” Next thing you know, she’ll be poppin’ out babies. In the meantime, she and guitarist Bobb Bruno will be embarking on an extensive North American tour with Mannequin Pussy late the month, bringing them to Atlanta’s Terminal West on March 24.

Photo by Eddie Chacon.