Pinky Pinky Get to Gobblin’

Bassist Eva Chambers (daughter of Justin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy) met guitarist Isabelle Fields in middle school. A few years later, Chambers crossed paths with drummer/vocalist Anastasia Sanchez in high school. Shortly thereafter, they all formed Pinky Pinky, an inescapably endearing trio with two Bandcamp EPs (collected on a swell double cassette) already to their name.

Now the discerning Innovative Leisure label has just served up the trio’s debut album, Turkey Dinner. Produced by label co-owner Hanni El Khatib and Jonny Bell (of Crystal Antlers), it’s a peculiar delight of plunky shuffles, punky scuffles and offbeat indie-rock ruffles.

They played Bonnaroo last month and are already packing for a string of cross-country treks beginning next month, but so far Atlanta isn’t on their route. Whenever they make it here, someone needs to fix ’em a meal of gross old-fashioned Jell-O mold foods; it seems they have a curious obsession with them…

Photo by Ryan Moraga.