Victory Hands Are All Over That Dick

Atlanta-based band Victory Hands dabble in the angular rhythms and anthemic melodies you might expect from veteran post-rock and math rock musicians, but the lyrics come from an unlikely source. The paranoid rantings in these songs come not from the trio of Jimmy Ether (bass), Kip Thomas (drums) and Donald Shawn Christopher (guitar) but from the speeches of disgraced former president Richard Nixon.

On new 12-inch EP Bishop, “Dressed to Tease” and five other tracks cross the house show scene of 20-something years ago with lyrics culled from found sounds and historic snippets.

That might read like a one-off side project, but it’s an ongoing thing. The group released the 10-inch record Anderson in 2016 and followed it up a year later with the Bernstein 7-inch. Each release’s cover art looks like something from the mind of Raymond Pettibon, which is about the nicest thing you can say about any punk artwork from any decade.