Gabbie Rotts Hit All the Right Spots

Just when it seemed like no local punk band without the usual suspects would pique my interest, the Gabbie Rotts’ forthcoming Pink Drink Season cassette hit the spot like a strawberry daiquiri. Or one of those “redneck margaritas” we learned about on Queer Eye, with pink lemonade instead of mountain dew.

Like many of my favorite Seattle bands (Tacocat, Chastity Belt, Daddy Long Legs, etc.), the trio tackles social issues with a healthy dose of dark humor. For example, they take down so-called “nice guys” with “Be My Friend” and get even more vicious over ill-advised lovers with “Johnny” and self-centered indie rock dudes on “You’re a Depressing Person.” Their other gift is harmonizing, as heard on the slow-burning “Be Quiet,” “Take Back My Body,” and other songs that’ll remind you of Brilliant Colors and Grass Widow’s shared vocal talents.

It’s also worth noting that although the band’s attitude is way more Tanya Tucker, it claims Dolly Parton as its patron saint. For an explosion of TNT set off by 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs fans, check out the group’s tape release show on Aug. 11. Ask a punk or snoop around on Facebook for details because it’s a house show.

Photo by Charlie Watts.