Carbonas Regroup for Gonerfest

Over a decade removed from the Carbonas’ self-titled Goner Records album, Atlanta’s finest punk rock band reforms for at least one night in Memphis (Saturday, Sept. 29) to close out the 15th edition of Gonerfest.

Ever since the split to form G.G. King, Gentleman Jesse, Shocked Minds and other bands, chances to hear “Lost Cause” and “Assvogel” live became scarce. Among the notable reunions over the years was a 2012 appearance at the Atlanta Mess-Around that made up for the New Bomb Turks dropping off the bill. No word on whether or not this is a one-off gig – even if a chance to share a hometown stage with Protex at this year’s Mess-Around must be at least a little bit tempting.

For Gonerfest, the booking celebrates those early years when the Carbonas, Black Lips and others traveled to Memphis each fall to establish Atlanta as a premiere Southern city for scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll. For the band, guys who’ve since started families and moved on to different creative outlets get to relive special times.

The Carbonas’ set takes place at the Hi-Tone on the same day that another huge get for the fest, Robyn Hitchcock, headlines an afternoon show at Murphy’s.