No Sleep ‘Til Bummerville

Savannah’s Bummerville makes unabashedly filthy garage-punk the right way. They’re not copycats of classic bands or even underground underdogs that just happen to sound like some Ty Segall cassette tape side project. Synth player, guitarist, and vocalist Daniel Brady Lynch thinly veils his own take on melodic garage and indie rock with thick, bristly sheets of electrified aggression.

The band’s self-titled debut album, out Jan. 19th on hometown label Graveface Records, captures the musical spontaneity of true D.I.Y. punk. Standout track “CU Gone” finds Lynch adding his own touch to electronically-driven post-punk agitation. It’s a compelling new take on the electronic sound he chases in his longest-tenured band, Sunglow. Dingier numbers, such as the entrancing “Underneath the Skull,” add an air of unpredictability to shoegazey soundscapes.

Lynch’s brother and bassist Derek, rhythm guitarist Joshua Sterno, and drummer Jonathan Graham plan to tour the East Coast soon. They’ll bring their show to 529 on Jan. 25th.