Reptile Room Gets Jaded

Atlanta-based electro-pop trio Reptile Room’s debut album, Jade, arrives Aug. 9 via Om Records. It features the atmospheric backing tracks and pop-friendly vocals accompanying the visually grandiose music videos for “Talk,” “Design” and “Control.”

Per press materials, the new songs by Bill Zimmerman and siblings Sean and Sami Michelsen find internal peace in the face of lost relationships, addictions and internal battles. Writing whip-smart lyrics about struggles many listeners have faced is a sure-fire way to connect with potential fans through something more meaningful than mesmerizing soundscapes.

The group is a true collaboration, with all three members handling the writing, recording/mixing, and video editing that goes into their multimedia presentation. Chances are, they share tour snacks without a hitch, and all prefer Cool Ranch over Nacho Cheese. But seriously, Reptile Room is a sum of its parts.

The band plays a hometown show on Aug. 18 at 529. It’s an all-locals bill featuring Citizen Gold and Hero.